Orthogonal Bundle

10/03/2015 CATH superfamily

Oct 03 2015 (DNA helicase RuvA subunit, C-terminal domain) is one of the domain superfamilies under Orthogonal Bundle topology. It describes a boudle of alpha helices aggregate together.

This domain frequently appears in different structures.

One example is holliday junction binding protein ruvA from E.coli, pdb id: 1HJP.

The Holliday junction is a key intermediate in homologous recombination. It is widely used by cells to accurately repair harmful breaks that occur on both strands of DNA. The RuvA protein forms complex with other proteins to facilitate branch migration of the junction, depending on ATP hydrolysis.

Nishino, Tatsuya, et al. "Functional analyses of the domain structure in the Holliday junction binding protein RuvA." Structure 6.1 (1998): 11-21.