Morpho Journey

Amino Acids

When Proline is in a peptide bond, it does not have a hydrogen on the α amino group, so it cannot donate a hydrogen bond to stabilize an α helix or a β sheet.


CATH superfamily (DNA helicase RuvA subunit, C-terminal domain) is one of the domain superfamilies under Orthogonal Bundle topology. It describes a boudle of alpha helices aggregate together.


Virus particles are elegant assemblies of protein

Viral Capsids are made of many identical subunits. The whole molecule usually presents as an icosahedral or helical.

The genome in viruses is short. There is not enough genome for encoding a large shell protein. Instead only a small unit is encoded. This small unit will be produced multiple times (for example 60 times). All of the units interact with each other. As a result a symmetrical capsid is formed.

4ar2, 3j69, 3j8f, 3jb0